MOVE 50 elegance

The MOVE family is the basis of our success and offers the greatest possible variety of casters for different applications. The guide insert is the key component of our patented MOVE technology, the heart of these casters.

MOVE elegance sets new benchmarks. The elegant but extremely robust zinc housing and the caster with chrome accents ensure a classy appearance for the "Executive" segment. Available in matte chrome and shiny chrome, MOVE elegance enhances any premium product.

This combination accommodates a special application - sit and stop but when standing up the chair also does not roll away. Sturdy teeth in the housing ensure a secure stop a under load but when the chair is unloaded, the rollcontrol® system engages and prevents the chair from rolling away.

Special applications require seating without any possible movement, therefore we created the Reverse Brake function. In the zinc housing there are teeth which give a secure hold when the caster is loaded.

No-Noise™ is the patented, clean and quiet transition from caster to chair base. The key difference compared to standard stems is in its technical details: The stem mount ensures there is no dirt or metal on metal grinding and the various size circlips compensate for potential tolerances in chair bases.

Sales are made to commercial customers only.

Technical Details

Product Type Chair caster
Wheel diameter 50mm
Load capacity 50kg
Overall height with fixing 58mm


Wheel type Soft wheel
Wheel core / tread color RAL 9005 Jet black / RAL 9005 Jet black


Housing form hooded, with neck diameter
Neck diameter 16mm
Housing material Zinc die-cast
Housing color RAL 9005 Jet black
Mobility concept Braked under load and unloaded braked, Reverse Brake
Fixing No-Noise™ Stem, 11x19,5mm Push fit stem with double circlips, 11,4mm
Description UZBG684 -24X2NN

Technical Drawing


Compatible with the following available fixings:

No-Noise™ Stem:

  • 11x19,5mm with 11,4mm circlip
  • 11x19,5mm with 110,6mm circlip
  • 11x19,5mm with 11,8mm circlip

Push fit stems:

  • 10x22mm with 10,3mm circlip
  • 10x22mm with 10,5mm circlip
  • 11x19,5mm with 11,4mm circlip
  • 11x19,5mm with 11,8mm circlip
  • 11x22mm with 11,4mm circlip
  • 11x22mm with 11,6mm circlip
  • 11x22mm with 11,8mm circlip

Threaded stems:

  • M8x15mm
  • M8x20mm
  • M8x25mm
  • M10x15mm
  • M10x20mm
  • M10x25mm
  • M10x30mm
  • M10x40mm
  • M12x20mm

Square plates:

  • 38x38mm
  • 55x55mm
  • 60x60mm

Our standard is that all of our fixings are zinc-coated. Upon request, we can offer special finishes or also threaded stems made of stainless steel.


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