In the technical details

The true strengths of a caster are usually not revealed until you get a more detailed look – by taking a peek at the inner workings of the product. Through their high level of engineering and numerous patents, which have significantly advanced the technical progress of casters, this is where GROSS+FROELICH products really shine.

On this page we present essential technical features of our products that make all the difference. Have additional requests or requirements? Please contact us directly! Our caster experts will be happy to help you.

Let MOVE guide you

The guide insert is the key component of our patented MOVE technology. It separates the axle from the caster housing.

Your advantages:

  • Closed construction makes this a clean solution as it doesn’t allow any grease or debris to escape the caster.
  • Mobility option is clearly visible from outside with different colored inserts.
  • Silent and smooth roll of the caster.
The guide insert is the key component of our patented MOVE technology


An essential for every office chair; it allows a chair to move freely when weight is applied, however, will not roll away when you stand up.

Through the MOVE Technology’s guide insert, it is easy to add a spring which adds resistance to the roll of your casters when unloaded. We call this concept rollcontrol®.

Additional Advantages:

  • Separation of axle and spring prevents wear and tear on both.
  • Constant resistance over the life cycle of the caster.
  • Resistance spring strength is customizable for your application.

Absolutely silent connection

No-Noise™ is the patented, clean and quiet transition from caster to chair base. Through research and development, we designed this solution with double circlips. These circlips are actually a segment of spring and are offset by 180°.

No-Noise™ Rollen

The sophistication of the No-Noise™ stem and key difference compared to standard stems is in its detail. The form and technical design provide a compensation in the stem mount ensuring a clean solution as there is no dirt or metal on metal grinding causing black powder to fall from caster and in turn marking the floor. The circlips are available in various diameters and compensate for potential tolerances in chair bases.

It's shoe-time!

Simple to use and thoughtfully designed. Innovative stopper brake designed for ease of use.

The brake is easy to engage by pressing down on the bottom triangular portion. To release, just press on the upper portion. It protects delicate footwear or your toes in open-toed shoes.


Fully braked when loaded

Special applications call for safe seating without movement. This unique concept is perfect for dentist chairs, drafting chairs, hair salon chairs, lab chairs, counter chairs, workshop stools, or some mobile pedestals.

For these applications, we have developed the Reverse Brake function, teeth in the housing ensure a secure stop and make this unique concept possible.

Not only protecting your customer's floor, but also your reputation!

Transportation can be rough, especially on the casters. Regardless of the journey, whether it is in the truck, rolling over the courtyard, or being pushed through the building – our durable Transport Protectors safeguard our high-quality casters and ensure that your new office chair arrives at your customer with clean, undamaged casters.

Gross Stabil-Transportschutz

Easy, quick removal – no tool required.

Our Transport Protectors are available for our casters in 60 mm, 65 mm, and 75 mm diameter. Two standard colors are available: transparent for hard wheel and orange for soft wheels.

Protected all around

Protected all around

Your Design is our Command

If desired, we also welcome customized solutions: We develop and manufacture casters and glides according to customer design. Feel free to contact us directly about your desired caster!

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